Thursday 29 December 2011

What's In A Bag?

  • fresh fruits such as apples, bananas, and oranges
  • veggies including carrot sticks and colourful bell peppers
  • food staples of onions, potatoes, pasta, and bread
  • delicious dairy with cheeses and yogurt
  • fun snacks like granola bars, cereal, juice boxes, dips and more!


Employees of SCC had identified many children who were coming in on the weekends and asking for something to eat, some of whom, when asked, said that they did not have dinner the evening before. The Downtown Eastside Strathcona neighbourhood is part of the V6A area code, which records the lowest mean incomes in all of Canada. While many charitable food programs have focused successful outreach efforts in this neighbourhood, it is the children who slip through the cracks and continue to experience food insecurity. Pre-schoolers and growing children are particularly hurt by food insecurity, with studies showing links between the lack of nutrition and learning from prenatal stage through to the school year. We started the Backpack Program because we saw an obvious need that required immediate attention, filling backpacks with food in order to bridge the hunger gap of the weekend when the centre’s regular food programs run during the week.

About Us

The Backpack Program of Strathcona Community Centre (SCC) provides nutritious snacks and meals to fill the “hunger gap” of the weekend when children are not supported by the school food programs they depend on during the week. This program has been running since November 2010 and has expanded to support over 275 children and 110 families. Every Friday, children pick up a bag filled with a variety of foods representing the basic nutritional food groups such as apples, soup, noodles, canned salmon, fruit juice, and yogurt.  Our food is donated by the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society and purchased at local community partners with funding from several charitable sources.